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    Cyber Monday 2020 Headphone Deals

    We at MajorHiFi want to let you in on some of the best sales of top Headphone brands going on right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This list will keep getting updated through the holiday season
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    Sony WH-1000XM3 VS Sony WH-1000XM4, Which is Better?

    Please feel free to share your thoughts. Any comprehensive review would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
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    What is Headphone Burn In?

    Burn in. What is it? Do you need to do it? And is it worth it? You probably have a strong opinion on this based on your own experiences. Please feel to share it here with us. It would be appreciated.
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    Nio - Universal-Fit 9-Driver Earphone from 64 Audio

    Nio features 9 drivers. A 9mm dynamic driver powers the lows, 6 balanced armatures drive the low mids, 1 balanced armature for the high mids, and one tubeless Tia driver for the highs. Check out details here and please share your thoughts.
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    64 Audio U12t vs Campfire Solaris

    Please join and initiate the discussion.
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    Reviewing Kinera Sif

    We would like to know your opinion, please feel free to add your comments here.
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO vs Audio-Technica M50X

    Please feel free to share your critiques, opinions, and questions about these 2 great noise-cancellation headphones.
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    JBL Clip 2 vs JBL Clip 3

    Please feel free to share your thoughts here.
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    JBL Flip 4 vs Flip 3

    Please feel free to share your opinion here.
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    Awesome and Affordable JBL Tune 120TWS

    Please ask questions and share your feedback about this excellent true wireless earphones.
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    Bose Active Noise Cancelling 700 vs. Sony WH-1000XM3

    Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts.
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    New Headphone Reviews, Videos & Announcement

    New Video: On Jul 22, 2019 we posted a video about Audio Technica ATH-G1WL. Check out the video and share your thoughts!