My name is Ben and my story with HiFi audio is a bit complicated. It all started many years ago when I "borrowed" my dad's shure E5's I believe. I would listen constantly to them just on my iPod classic or on a CD player.

Those were destroyed after some years, or lost or both (And my dad was mad) and I eventually got some OK klipsch in ears.

I bought a pair of used UE 900s from a buddy in 2015 and my love for music detail was restarted. I had these for a couple years until they unfortunately broke.

Soon after I purchased SE535 in ears for music mixing and more serious listening. What a wonderful product I have to say. I still love them to this day.

I have also owned Bose ANC over ears for about 10 years (QC15/QC25/QC35 and briefly 700s). Those were for the office and comfort mostly though. I upgraded my wireless over ear setup to Airpod Max the beginning of this year. These are my favorite wireless as well as the best ANC/ transparency mode I have ever tried.

Over the years I have also been around a good number of professional home audio/ music studio setups geared for critical listening and music mastering.

I recently broke down and bough Audeze LCD-X and a Fiio M11 DAP.


I am spending countless hours with these on, like unhealthy numbers of hours (with the volume at an appropriate level of course). The clarity, the sound stage, the imaging, the balance... everything is truly beyond anything I have tried previous.

My love of HiFi music is ever growing and I hope to have some fruitful and deep discussions about headphones and audio in the many years to come :)
Aug 22, 1989 (Age: 33)
Plymouth, MI


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